Longstanding practice and advanced tools

“Accounting Office Mariola Lubiecka” has been on the market since 1997. We provide comprehensive support for business entities in keeping revenue and expense ledger, lump sum records, book of account, handling employee issues and social security.

We use high availability computer systems, data transmission and best software provided by Sage and Asseco to ensure that our services are of the highest quality and will be completed in time.

Broad range of services

Our services are tailored to meet the Customers’ individual needs, depending on the Company’s profile. We provide a reliable service in accounting, we have an extensive experience, gained through cooperation with various entities.

We are flexible, that is why our approach to the Client is individual, in the most convenient for him way. On request, we provide book records in the PDF format and remote customer service.

Security and confidence

We are aware of how important the document security is for our customers, therefore our office is monitored and guarded 24 hours per day. We have a licence issued by the Ministry of Finance and full liability insurance.

We are able to transfer data to the tax inspectors in a single control file format (JPK). In accordance with the adopted amendment to the Tax Code, since the beginning of 2017, entrepreneurs, including small and medium, will be obliged to transmit records of VAT in the form of JPK.

Professional staff

High quality of service is provided by the carefully selected and qualified professionals, who benefit from the possibilities offered by our Company – constant access to the latest publications and specialised information services.

Thanks to our knowledge, we can offer you any assistance in conducting business activities.


Bookkeeping (full accounting)

  • Companies registration
  • Preparation of the capital chart of accounts
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Annual statements
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Preparation of statistical reports (GUS)
  • Presentation of the results of operations for the management or supervisory board
  • Conducting the liquidation of enterprises

Keeping revenue and expense ledger

  • Costs and revenues records
  • Fixed assets records
  • Inventory records
  • Preparation of information on the income or loss amount
  • Preparation of calculation of PIT advances
  • Annual income tax (PIT) declaration

Personal and wages services

  • Keeping personal records
  • Reporting to the insurance companies and settlement of the social security contributions
  • Keeping “on leave” records
  • Preparing contacts and terminations
  • Preparation of work certificates
  • Preparation of payroll
  • Support for civil law agreements
  • Preparation of ZUS and PIT-4 declaration forms
  • Preparation of annual tax returns for employees (PIT-11, PIT-8B) and the persons employed on the basis of other agreements
  • Advisory services in matters of payroll
  • Preparing applications to the Labour Office
  • Preparation of the necessary certificates at the request of the employee

Keeping records for the VAT purposes

  • VAT sales and purchases records
  • Settling of Intra-Community transactions
  • Settling of tripartite transactions
  • Export of goods
  • Import of goods and services
  • Settling of cross-border transactions

Records of the lump sum payment

  • Preparation of calculation for PIT advance tax
  • VAT Records
  • The annual declarations of income tax

Other services

  • Assistance in starting up a business and selecting the form of taxation
  • Changing the form of business activity
  • Closure of business activities
  • Preparation of credit applications and financial analysis

Why us?

  • Experience

    We have been on the market since 1997 therefore we have strong experience gained through cooperation with many business entities.

  • Permissions

    We have a Certificate of Qualification issued by the Ministry of Finance No. 19592 authorizing bookkeeping services.

  • Insurance

    Office activity is covered by a compulsory third party (civil) liability insurance.

  • Flexibility

    We offer services in English and German.